52-week Money Challenge 2015

Since the year has just started, I convinced my sister and mother to do the challenge again and say “Challenge Accepted“!. It is called the 52-week Money Challenge.

Money Challenge 2015

To some of you who might have never heard about this challenge. Basically, you will start with a base amount for the first week then do the increment for every week thereafter.

I have to admit, we fail to do this last year due to personal reasons. I was surfing a Filipino forum when I stumble upon a thread about this money challenge and found out that it was originally taken from Kuripot Pinay.

So for this year, we vowed to make this happen again and will never fail again. We just have set our goal and commit to it. After all, this savings could help us in the future and achieve such dream.

In our case, for the first week of January, we started off with Php10 then Php20 the following week and so on. For 52 weeks, we can save 13,780 pesos. In case you want to challenge yourself and want to save your money, this is the right time to do it! And by the end of the year, hopefully we are all screaming- Challenge success!

Are you going to take this challenge?

Good luck to everyone!