How to resolve PayPal Identity Confirmation?


PayPal has been part of my life since I started having an “online world”. What I mean is, maintaining blogs/websites, receive money online, and shop whatever I want online. It has been very useful to me since I could use it without showing my bank account/credit card.

Just last year of December, I received an e-mail from PayPal ( saying that they need to confirm my identity since I have already reached a milestone with the total transactions on my account. I have been using PayPal since 2007 btw. They will give you a deadline to resolve this so make sure to submit all the requirements before the given date.

I am assuming you are reading this because you recently had the same experience. In this post, I will share to you my experience how I able to resolve this issue by confirming my identity with PayPal.

To resolve this, you are required to attach the needed documents:
1) Proof of Identity
2) Proof of Address

Proof of Identity
– Any valid IDs that has a picture on it. You can use SSS ID, Passport, Postal ID, Voters ID, Student’s ID, Driver’s License, etc.

Proof of Address
– You can use utility bill (Meralco, PLDT, Globe/Smart, Manila Water, etc), bank or credit card statement or any other government-issued document (Barangay Clearance, NBI Clearance, Police Clearance) in your name.

Since it was holidays and I’ve been busy with a lot of stuff, I wasn’t able to get this thing prioritize. So they got my PayPal account limited. Too bad, ayt?

Anyway, so upon knowing it, I immediately took an action to it by submitting Voter’s ID and Utility Bill (Meralco bill) to confirm my identity. They got my Voter’s ID accepted but not the latter. I don’t have a utility bill under my name since I’m still living with my parents. I applied for Barangay Clearance and still they didn’t accepted it. I was thinking the reason why until I realized it could be the “Middle Initial” which was shown in my Barangay Clearance. (I don’t have Middle Initial on my PayPal account)

*It is required that the name and address on the documents must match on your PayPal account.

I had to request for another Barangay Clearance and asked if they could remove my “Middle Initial” in my full name. Gladly, the request was granted. I even applied for Police Clearance on the same day just to be sure. (Sayang ang pamasahe bes!)

When I got home, I submitted all the additional information on the website. To be honest, I was quite nervous so I kept on following-up through their customer support.

You’ll received 2 confirmation emails from Paypal. One, stating that your identity confirmation is complete and another is your PayPal account access has been restored.

I hope this post helps. Feel free to post any questions you might have!