Binggrae Fish Shaped Korean Ice Cream
Have you ever seen a fish-shaped ice cream sandwich? Well, this is kinda something new to us few years ago when we dropped by in at the nearby Korean store. I bought this ice cream called “Samanco,” a fish-shaped ice waffle vanilla ice cream. This new ice dessert comes with two layers:

1) Soft vanilla ice cream
2) Sweet red bean layer

As for the waffle coating, I must say that it is nicely cooked. It really made a perfect match with the filling but somehow it will take you time to break it after you have taken a bite since the waffle is a bit frozen. Each costs for only Php45 ($1.1).

Just make sure that you will immediately eat it because it will easily melt. For sure, the filling will scatter along your mouth.

Samanco Binggrae Ice Cream

Binggrae, the manufacturer of these products also comes with another 2 flavors which is vanilla ice cream with strawberry syrup and chocolate; they called it “Melona“. The sweetness of this ice cream sandwich is exactly for my taste.

I recently bought some at Metro Market! Market inside the supermarket. This product can be found in some selected SM supermarkets as well but too bad they only sell it per packs, not individual. You can easily find it when you saw a Binggrae products freezer. 😉

Have a cold sweet treat! 🙂