GCash MasterCard KYC Online Verification (Part 3)

In order to be able to use other services of your GCash account, you need to get KYCed. It is called “Know Your Customer“.

KYC (Know Your Customer) is a one-time face-to-face requirement. This process required by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas to validate the identity of a customer availing a financial transaction. The customer just need to present one VALID ID to an authorized GCASH KYC outlet.

If you don’t have time to visit any GCash outlet, you may opt to do a GCash Verification through Facebook. How?


How to get your GCash KYCed online?

1) Send a message to GCash Verification Facebook Page stating that you need to get KYCed.

2) You will be asked to send your mobile number you used to register with GCash so they can get you verified.

3) There are three simple steps needs to be done for GCash Verification (also known as KYC).
First, you’ll be asked for some basic information.
Second, you’ll need to take a photo of your valid ID.
Finally, you’ll have to do a quick video call to complete the verification

Also, make sure you remember your 4-digit PIN to confirm the changes to your account after the video call. If you have forgotten your 4-digit PIN, just call 2882 to reset it for you.

4) Send them a message with following information:

– Full Name (First, Middle, Last)
– Gender
– Current Address (House Number, Street, Barangay, City)
– Permanent Address
– Contact Number
– Birthdate (MM/DD/YYYY)
– Birthplace
– Mother’s Full Maiden Name
– Email
– Marital Status (Single, Married, Widowed, Separated)
– Occupation
– Employer/School

5) Attach a photo of your valid ID (front and back).

6) After processing it, you will be asked if you are available to proceed with the video call?

7) Then, you will send another message to verification officer Gina. No need to add Gina, just send her a message and she will call you. Have your ID ready since you will show it to her during the call.

8) You will get a text to your GCash mobile number asking for your 4-digit PIN to link your to your existing account. You’ll be given within 5 minutes to reply to that text.

9) Then, the verification officer will verify all the information you had submitted.

10) You now successfully completed the verification process!!

You can now enjoy the fully range of GCash services. Yay!

Based on my experience, when I messaged them they were able to respond immediately. It’s a hassle-free, I must say! I read some comments through their Facebook pages that some customers were just ignored nor didn’t get a response from them. It’s just easy to get your Gcash verified online!

Check out Part 4: How to link PayPal to GCash? on my next post!

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