How to link PayPal to GCash wallet using GCash app? (Part 4)

I assume you already have your GCash MasterCard and had it KYC (verified) already but you haven’t linked it yet to your PayPal? I will share you how to link PayPal to your GCash using a GCash app..


First things first, you need an android/IOS mobile phone and a GCash app. If you don’t have the mobile app yet, you may download it through Google Playstore.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You need at least 5.0 Android mobile operating system (Lollipop or Marshmallow) in order to successfully linked your Paypal. It will not worked if you’re a using a Kitkat version. I’ve tried it many times and it’s really not working. So you should use Lollipop or Marshmallow OS phone.

If you don’t have the latest mobile OS, try asking a friend/family if you could insert your sim and install the GCash app for you. Another option is BUY A NEW PHONE if you can afford. Lol. You only need the latest mobile OS just for linking your PayPal account. You can use Kitkat OS when it’s successfully linked already.

Let’s begin!!!

Step by step on How to link PayPal to GCash using GCash app

1) After installing the GCash app, open it and enter your 4-digit PIN.

2) Click the menu button (top-left) and choose “Link PayPal Account



3) It will redirect you to the PayPal page and login your PayPal account by entering your PayPal email address and password. Click “Authorize” button.


4) You will get a confirmation message that your PayPal account has been successfully linked to your GCash wallet.


That’s it!!

It’s really easy, right? Now we are moving on to the last part. -> Part 5: How to withdraw funds from PayPal to GCash. Stay tuned!!

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