Mango Float Recipe

Mango Float Recipe

Mango Float is a simple dessert that everyone’s favorite with the use of basic ingredients and no needs to use baking oven. This is an alternative for birthday cakes that usually costs for PHP250/$5.95 for just whole roll. For a rectangular container it will cost you less than PHP100/$2.38. Much cheaper and affordable.

So, if you want to save more you could opt to make Mango Float at home instead together with your loved ones. Not to mention that you can experiment by making different flavors or using fruits you wanted to make. Be creative.

Mango Float Recipe

I know some of you know how to make this but in case you haven’t tried this at home, I’ll tell you how. Let’s start making Mango Float?


– 2 Packs Graham Crackers
– Condensed Milk (small can)
– 2 Packs of 250ml Nestle All-purpose Cream
– Sliced Mangoes into strips


1) In a mixing bowl, just add the condensed milk and the cream and mix well. Set aside.
2) In a rectangular container, just place the graham crackers on it.
3) Add the cream mixture on top of the layer evenly.
4) Add another layer of graham crackers then followed by the cream mixture. Just repeat this until you make a thick layer.
5) Then add the sliced mangoes on top.
6) Pour the little cream mixture on top. If you still have graham crackers left, you can crushed it and sprinkle it on top.
7) Lastly, let it chill on the fridge for an hour or two. And you’re done!

Sliced Mango Float

We made two containers of Mango Float.