Finding a great deal online is such a relief for us to get a lesser price that we are paying for. Be it in restaurants, shopping and products, travel and getaways. But of course, we must know how legit the voucher is. Who would have know if you are paying for a FAKE deal?

The promo above was much lesser than the purchased voucher I’ve last 2015

Is Metrodeal Scam? I am sure some of you are already familiar with Metrodeal. So I am sharing you my experience and review buying voucher in Metrodeal Philippines.

It was April 2015 when I purchased a voucher for the first time for an Overnight Luxury Getaway for 4 Persons in a Superior Room at Canyon Cove, Batangas for P2999 instead of P6999. I was a bit hesitant getting one but I decided to get one anyway. It’s risky, I know but I wanted to give it a try since this is the only budget I can afford plus it is really cheaper than the regular price.

Before I proceed clicking the “Buy Now” button, I really make sure I read what the “Highlights” and the “Fine Print” says.

I paid via PayPal and after a few minutes I instantly received an email with the payment confirmation for that voucher.


I remember since it was regular holiday (April 2 is Maundy Thursday) during that time. Indochina Strings, the name of the travel agency that offers this deal weren’t able to confirm it on that day. I waited until Monday (April 6) to received a booking confirmation at Canyon Cove Beach Resort via email.

You will get a PDF file that serves as your voucher. This is important since you will need to PRINT this and present to hotel during the check-in. No Metrodeal vouchers means regular room rates will be applied.

After that, I called Canyon Cove Beach Resort hotline to confirm my reservation. It was a relief because it was successfully booked. I read some online reviews that some of that deals that they purchased were just a SCAM.

I will also share my experience requesting a refund with Metrodeal. So be sure to check out my new post soon!