Not Your Typical Thing

You probably seeing this as a calculator but to tell you this, it’s a mobile phone! Yes, it is!

Cherry Mobile

I was still in college when I bought this at the store. I forgot the exact unit name but it was released by Cherry Mobile, I think 5 years ago. They had this promo and didn’t hesitate to buy one for myself because I really find it cute. I was expecting for the pink one when I saw the flyer but they don’t have any stock that time, too bad.

Never underestimate this just because of the interface. It has been very useful to me for years cause it can send important messages and calls to my loved ones or to your boss and even received great news as well. This serves as my second phone (alternative) and using this with my other Sim card (Smart). Who would have thought that until now it is still working! Though, the battery dies very quickly when you used it more often. Anyway, I’m not really fond sending text messages so I guess I don’t have any problem with that, unless it is important or urgent.

My blockmates even had it during those days. One of them even said that the advantage of this phone is the thief would never interest snatching it if you are using it on public. Well, the thieves nowadays are aiming for modern and expensive phones like iPhone, android and qwerty phones. Haha! Well, that is really true!