Pizza Hut Hot Deals Delivery

For the past weeks, I have been sharing it on my Twitter that I have been craving for pizza. And gladly earlier this evening, I finally got a chance to order through delivery at Pizza Hut.

Pizzu Hut Deals Promo 2015

They had this hot deals which offers Php 499 ($11) and you’ll get 2 Family Pan Pizzas which includes the delivery too! Great right? How much for if they offer a 1.5 liter of Pepsi for additional Php 19 ($0.43). That looks more awesome! We only paid Php 518 for such a great deal.

For their hot deals, you can choose among the flavors: Hawaiian Supreme, Meatlovers, Cheesy Pepperoni and 3 Cheese Bacon.

Hawaiian Pizza and 3-Cheese Bacon
Pizza Hut Hawaiian Pizza & 3 Cheese Bacon

We ordered my mom’s favorite which is Hawaiian Supreme and 3 Cheese Bacon which we have not tried yet. I enjoyed sharing and eating them with family.

This promo will be available from January 5 to March 2, 2015. Call 911-1111 for delivery.